Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

Shopping for a new-to-you vehicle usually begins with one big question: do you want to look for a new or used model? Even before you decide between sedans and SUVs, you'll want to consider whether you're shopping for a new vehicle or a used one. Choosing a used model from a reliable dealership like us here at Glockner CDJR of Portsmouth can offer several benefits over a new vehicle. Find out exactly why used vehicles are so popular among drivers that concerned about getting the best possible value.

Greater Variety of Models

Expanding your criteria to a number of recent model years will greatly expand the options you can choose from during your search. Used cars can be found in low mileage condition for many years after release due to vehicles being leased or sitting unused on car lots. Going back a few years will let you choose exactly which model release you prefer for trim levels, exterior color options, or styling changes. There's no need to settle for whatever the latest new vehicle model offers when you can explore a wider range of choices by going used instead. Since we carry Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles here at Glockner of Portsmouth, you certainly have a big variety to choose from when vehicle shopping.

No Immediate Depreciation

One of the most well-known drawbacks to choosing a new vehicle is the immediate depreciation in value as you drive off the car lot. Some new vehicles may depreciate by as much as 50% within the first three years of ownership. Since any used car or truck has already experienced that depreciation, you're getting a relatively stable value when you buy it. As long as it's still in the same condition as when you bought it, you can likely turn around and resell it for a similar value. That may be important if you're not sure how long you'll keep a vehicle you need to purchase.

Tried and Tested

Giving the newest models from your favorite car manufacturers a few years of real road testing allows you to see what releases are most popular in the long run. Some years, models, and trim levels may emerge as the most popular among your fellow drivers. Choosing a tried and tested used vehicle is often a good way to make sure you'll be happy with your purchase in the long run.

Big Savings

Since new cars are always valued higher than even the best-used models, you can save thousands by choosing a pre-owned car or truck. If you need a powerful vehicle with extra features like four-wheel drive, advanced handling assistance, or cargo capacity, you'll definitely find used models more affordable than their new counterparts. You may be able to afford more car or truck for your money by choosing used over new vehicles without sacrificing much in reliability, performance, or longevity.

Certified Pre-Owned Options

Warranty coverage and other such guarantees can make car buyers feel more secure about their choices. You can find great terms on pre-owned and certified used vehicles here at Glockner CDJR of Portsmouth to provide the peace of mind you need to make a big purchase like a car or truck. Certified pre-owned vehicles are one of the biggest reasons to choose a dealership rather than the informal used car market. You can check the vehicle's owner and maintenance history while enjoying a maintenance relationship with the service department here at our dealership. Enjoy many of the benefits of new car ownership while enjoying major savings.

Registration and Insurance Savings

Speaking of savings, the opportunities for spending less continue with the registration fees and insurance premiums for a used car. Since new cars have a higher value, they're also more costly for the insurance company to repair or replace if you're in an accident. Registration costs also tend to be higher because many states and counties are requiring car owners to pay ad valorem taxes upfront rather than spread out throughout ownership. If the used car you purchase has a lower sale value than a new car would, you'll spend less on taxes to register it.

Of course, there are also many reasons why you might want to choose a new car for purchase or lease instead. If you're still deciding which option is right for you, comein and see us at Glockner CDJR of Portsmouth for help with the decision. Our experienced sales team can highlight the benefits of both choices so you can decide which fits your budget and lifestyle. There's a car, truck, or SUV deal for everyone here.